A combined mattress made of two components that allow you to change the firmness of the surface simply by turning it over. The base of the mattress consists of a 12 cm perforated latex sheet - flexible, hypoallergenic filling that replaces the spring block, thanks to the vertical perforation it is easily ventilated, provides softness during use. Coconut fiber gives the mattress firmness and orthopedic hardness. Thanks to the properties of "Memory Foam", the body weight is evenly distributed on the surface of the mattress, in this way the body  completely relaxes and gets rid of any weight. The mattress adapts to the shape of the back and evenly supports the spine. Meets the highest orthopedic requirements. Special ecological additives prevent dust and parasites from entering the mattress. Winter-Summer.

  • sheep wool
  • 5 cm Memory Foam Thermoflex® 
  • 2 cm coir board
  • 12 cm latex
  • cotton
  • removable quilted cover
  • Height: 20 cm