Memory Strong

A mattress with a firm base and soft surfaces. Safely supports a person with any weight, even excessive. Withstands heavy and long-term loads, as it is made of materials of uniform density. High Resilience polyurethane foam, which is the basis of the mattress, is ecologically clean and hypoallergenic. Perforated latex increases thermoregulatory properties and air permeability on the summer side. But a temperature-sensitive material with a memory effect, Memory Foam, absorbs the heat of the human body and takes its shape, thus reducing the pressure on the muscles, joints and spine. Winter-Summer.

  • sheep wool
  • 5 cm Memory Foam Thermoflex®
  • 14 cm polyurethane foam HR
  • 3 cm perforated latex
  • cotton
  • removable quilted cover
  • Height: 23 cm