Nirvana Strong

Combined orthopedic mattress, without a spring block, which has two sides of different quality. It is two mattresses in one and you can change the mattress prison by simply turning it to the other side. The base consists of 14 cm thick foam (polyurethane foam). The material is ecologically clean, flexible, durable and hypoallergenic. A very common filling, withstands heavy and long-term loads. The use of this material makes it possible to create an economical mattress model. On one side, a 100% natural sea grass layer - medium hard and on the other side, hard - coconut fiber board. The natural properties of sea grass allow you to keep cool in summer. Meets all orthopedic requirements. Coconut fiber gives the mattress firmness and orthopedic hardness. Special ecological additives prevent dust and parasites from entering the mattress. Winter-Summer.

  • sheep wool
  • 3 cm sea grass
  • 14 cm foam
  • 2 cm coir board
  • cotton
  • removable quilted cover
  • Height: 20 cm