Janet kušete

A solid orthopedic mattress on a wooden frame and legs. In this mattress, the spring block is replaced by a complex structure consisting of several layers of filling. The filling includes coconut fiber, perforated latex and seaweed. Latex - anatomical, flexible, hypoallergenic filling,  additional perforation increases its thermoregulating properties and air permeability. Thanks to its properties, this material is very flexible, perfectly adapts to your body to achieve maximum comfort. Coconut fiber gives the mattress firmness and orthopedic hardness. The natural properties of sea grass allow you to keep cool in the summer. The combination of such materials withstands heavy weight during operation. Meets all orthopedic requirements..

  • sheep wool
  • 3 cm sea grass
  • 2 cm latex - 3 layers
  • 2 cm coconut fiber board - 3 layers
  • valet
  • wooden frame
  • wooden legs
  • Height: 23cm/45cm