• Practical tips for using mattresses
    • Do not use the mattress as a trampoline, i.e. don't jump or run on it
    • Do not exceed the permissible load on mattresses that have weight limits
    • Do not constantly sit on only one edge of the mattress, as this can cause deformation of its structure
    • Do not roll or bend the mattress (with the exception of special types of mattresses intended by the manufacturer for such actions)
    • Do not use aggressive chemicals for cleaning
    • Do not cut, do not use corrosive and sharp objects, because the mattress cannot be repaired in case of cuts, holes and other such damages.
  • Purchase conditions
    After specifying the criteria and using the additional information available on the website, you choose the mattress that suits you, you must send an e-mail (electronic letter) to our address, indicating exactly which mattress meets your wishes and needs.
    When ordering a mattress of non-standard size, please send the mattress model with dimensions to our e-mail or contact the consultant by phone.
    Enter your first name, last name and necessarily phone number so that we can contact you immediately and agree on the future course of cooperation.
    If you want to order furniture, you can also contact us by email or call. Also, if you want to make a piece of furniture according to a photo or a sketch, please feel free to send it to us, indicating the parameters that are important to you, and we will immediately prepare an estimate for your order.
  • Receiving the product
    As soon as the product is made, we will contact you.
    You can pick up the product yourself at Brīvības gatve 403 from 10:00-18:00 or we can provide delivery
  • Guarantee
    SPS+ provides a 2-year warranty for mattresses. When buying the product, you will receive a warranty card, which will indicate the name, composition, dimensions and date of manufacture of the mattress.
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